Friday, August 28, 2009

My 5th Anniversary on HSN, and a big THANK YOU!

We had such a fabulous time at HSN the last couple of days!!

What girl doesn't l ike to be pampered a bit and well, this doesn't happen unless I come here to HSN! The are so good to me and fix my make up and hair before going on - guess I need to learn how to fix my hair like they did on Thursday because my friend Sandy said it looked better than ever! Maybe my Anna can show me how to do it.

Looks totally different in a snap shot than on TV when I'm there with one of the awesome HSN hosts!

and then it was LIGHTS, CAMERA, and ACTION

Thank you all so much for tuning in and shopping!!! We had 2 fabulous days with 4 incredible shows and sold out of so many things!!!

I'll have some more photos to share with you later but now it's back to WORK on One Stroke and Crafty Wave. Have you been to the new Crafty Wave site? Click here to find out what the excitement is all about ~ CraftyWave

Have a fabulous weekend!
Love, Donna