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Whether you are an experienced painter or someone just starting out, Dewberry U has something for you.
This great new program is explained in detail in the short five minute video clip on our website. Click HERE to watch it now!
 We highly recommend you watch the video to get a better idea of what Dewberry U can do for you.

Upon signing up you will receive the new Dewberry U manual, Dewberry U introduction DVD, and Dewberry U Pin.
  Click on the booklets to see Skill Builders that are now available! Get started TODAY!

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Dewberry U is proud to introduce the NEW
“Skill BuilderTM” Program!

Dewberry Crafts launched the Skill BuilderTM program at the 2012 convention with Donna, held in Orlando.

Below is a brief overview of the program. 

Dewberry U:

·Joining Dewberry U will help you create a path for your education with OneStroke® Painting and provide a central source for all of your activities within the Dewberry Organization.

·Joining Dewberry U IS NOT necessary to become an OSCI, however it IS necessary if you want to become part of the Dewberry U Faculty, (See below “Dewberry U Faculty Member”)

·Join “Dewberry U” at or by calling our office at 352-394-7344.

·Dewberry U Membership fee $49.95 and includes your Dewberry U Notebook and Dewberry U Membership Pin.

What is a Skill BuilderTM?
·A Skill BuilderTM is a NEW lesson format for Dewberry U.
·It is designed to make reasonable size classes for reasonable costs.
·Skill BuildersTM are building blocks to achieve your desired painting skills and instructor goals.
·Each Skill builder is approximately 50-60 pages long and focuses on a particular set of skills/technique.
·Purchase Skill BuilderTM from a Qualified Faculty Member* or through Dewberry Crafts at or call our office at 352-394-7344.
·Complete either as a “home study” course or in a class setting (class fee will be charged by Faculty Member).

·Skill BuilderTM Cost:$25.00.
Your order consists of the SB booklet you ordered.
·Skill BuilderTM Evaluation: $25.00
A certificate of completion will be presented to you for each
Skill BuilderTM you successfully complete.
·Skill BuilderTM Achievement Pins: Pins are available for $5.95 once Skill BuilderTM Level is completed, passed and signed off by a Faculty Member.

Dewberry U Faculty Member

·A Dewberry U Faculty member is qualified* to grade and evaluate Skill BuildersTM as well as guide students along an education path that best fits their needs.
·A Dewberry U Faculty Member may only grade and evaluate the Skill BuildersTM they have successfully completed.
· Once you’ve become a Faculty Member, a Faculty Member packet will be mailed to you for your notebook.

*Qualifications to become a Dewberry U Faculty Member:
·Dewberry U Membership (See above)
·Level 1 or above One Stroke® Certified Instructor
·Complete and Pass Skill BuildersTM

Dewberry U “Skill BuildersTM” Currently Available:
SB001 Basic Tool & Brush Study
SB002 Simple Strokes 1
SB003 Simple Strokes 2
SB004 Simple Strokes 3
Dewberry U Faculty Members as of July 15, 2012:

Barbara Fortier, Canada
Carol Craig, Canada
Mark Taylor, UK
United States
April Numamoto, CA
Colleen Ellis, AZ
Cookie Trent, FL
Danelle O Donnell, PA
JoAnn Hoffmann, CA
Julie Motley, WA
Kim Barone, NY
Lori Puszakowski-Schmidt,
Michelle James MI
Pat Bonardi FL
Sandy McTier GA

Dewberry U Faculty Members ~ Qualified at Convention 2012:
If your email isn’t listed please email donnaontheroad@hotmail.comso that it can be added. In the SUBJECT line please put ADD EMAIL to FM listing.

Vicki Cole-Gray, Canada

United States:
Pat Singletary, SC
Marlene Steele, OH
Stephanie Orth, AL
Nancy Russo
Renee Wilkey, MI
Cindy Rodrigue,LA
Nancy Duso, FL
Sandra Jordan, FL
Charlie McGee, NC
Dee Hyatt, CA
Misty Covin, FL
Sharon Jump,OK
Carolyn Wear,
Vicki Pietz, NC
George Drummond, FL
Anne Patenaude, RI
Brenda Katz, OH
Karen Beckelman, IL
Gloria Smith,FL
Nancy Smith, MD
Lillie Crews, VA
Paula Cline, NC
Pat Daniels, GA
Patty McMillan, GA
Mary Louise Scott, AZ
Shirley Rainwater, GA


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