Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hi friends,

I am so happy to finally be getting into the spirit of the Holidays!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be well enough after having spent 3 straight days in bed sick sick sick!

Back to the spirit of the Holidays though ~ while I laid in bed, I watched at least 20 or more lifetime Christmas movies, and DVD's about the Spirit of the Holidays and even taught a lesson in Church to the women on Sunday. We were so blessed to have 45+ wonderful youth along with their parents to our home for a Holiday Fireside. My husband is proudly the Young Men Youth Leader at our church.

I have had such a special time painting over 100 ornaments to give to each of those youth and my Sisters in my Sunday lesson. I also watched my one year old grandson Gabe for 4 of those days (sleeping in bed with me each night) and all this in ONE WEEK!

Believe it or not that packed week really put me into the Holiday Spirit.

I want to write my friends , share my love, paint and give gifts to family and friends and enjoy the Christmas lights with my grandbabies. Oh, I also want to keep eating those homemade pies like my grandma use to make. Fudge too! This wonderful lady on Facebook shared an instant fudge recipe with me and it’s fabulous! I have a couple of pieces a night ~ just wrong I know but oh sooooooo good. It’s so good in fact I have to share the recipe with you all ~ it’s super easy! This is all you need:

One 18 ounce container of Peanut Butter

one container of cake frosting.

Heat them in the microwave without lids, separately, I did about one minute or so and then pour them together in a bowl.

Mix together well and pour into a pan lined with parchment paper and then place in the refrigerator.


30 minutes later you’ll have the most amazing fudge to cut and serve!

Things have certainly been a lot different this year for our family than I thought they would be. We have had many changes in the last 6 months, however, WE still have a lot of love for each other, big shoulders to lean on and peace and prayer in our home.

I want to let you know that you and yours will be in the Dewberry's prayers this Holiday Season. We all need to have lots of Love and Charity in our hearts not only during the holidays but throughout the New Year. This world and our country have been going through many changes and hard times. We have friends and loved ones in the war and the economic problems that have made it hard for so many! Through all this we need to know that God loves each of us and Christ Knows Each of Us. We need to talk to him and follow his path and He will bless us through it all. He will bless us with the spirit to know which path to follow and we then need to have the faith to believe and give it to him. He has promised us he would take our worries and our fears, all we need to do is call on Him and Believe in Him. He never said it would be easy, But it would be worth it!

I have truly been so blessed! I have a wonderful husband, great kids, beautiful grandbabies, and a love for my Heavenly Father who I will think about this whole Holiday season and more. I love that I have painting that has changed my life forever! I have been blessed with many friends not only in the USA but in the UK, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Canada, Japan and so many more countries! All because God blessed me with this talent I was able to find at my dining room table. Still humbles me to this day! I never thought this would be the path He would bless me with. I loved being a mom and sharing crafts with my family and friends. The joy of sharing how to paint and create with clay and sew beautiful things is overwhelming!

I love each of you talented followers of One Stroke.

Thank you so much for sharing your talents with me and others.

You make a huge difference in people’s lives and I thank you from the bottom of my overflowing heart!

You will be so blessed in Gods eyes for making people’s lives better! By being their friend and being brave enough to share your talents with them. You’ve blessed me by doing so and for that I THANK YOU!

With all my love during this Holiday Season. I will never forget the feelings I feel right now. Lots of Love and gratefulness for all I have been blessed with.

Love, Donna

PS I wanted to share some photos of a few of my holiday decorations this year and of course one of my adorable grandbaby Gabe!

MiMa, please take this suit off me and hold me!Love,Gabe