Thursday, January 14, 2010

January Education Summit Snapshots!
Yesterday we painted this beautiful painting ~ we didn't have time to take photos last night - we were all so tired! We've been painting A LOT and laughing even more! You know me and all of my stories - thankfully quite a few people in the room hadn't heard these stories before and if they had they laughed too!

Wednesday we started the day off with Clay! Sandy McTier created this piece just for the Summit and everyone loved the pendant they made! There were quite a few people that had never done the clay before and they LOVED it and even those that have done the clay & teach the clay enjoyed making this beautiful pendant! I thought it would be really cool to get the hands of everyone in the shot - didn't get everyones but love how these pictures turned out!
Then we painted some shirts, bags, aprons - what ever people brought to paint on and we used Plaid's BRAND NEW Simply Screen We used the Chandelier pattern - there are 30 different patterns and then we embellished the design with some decorative painting.

After lunch we started on another big painting - the Peacock.

Here is our friend Mark Taylor and his wife Janet - they are our friends and distributors in the U.K. His painting was absolutely incredible!

I will post a group shot of the peacock tomorrow - we had to add some finishing touches to it for homework and then bring it back on Thursday for a group photo!
A couple of us met up at Red Lobster and we weren't there for 10 minutes when I hit my glass FULL of club soda and it went all over the table!! It was nice to just sit and chat with some friends of mine.

We only have two more days of the Summit - that makes me sad ~ we're having so much fun! We've been busy each day and I think I'm wearing some people out - but they are all having such a great time and painting some amazing projects I know they cannot wait to share with their family, friends and students.
Okay, I'm off to bed!! Have a fabulous day and I'll post more photos after our day of painting on Thursday.
Love, Donna