Wednesday, February 10, 2010

South Carolina Workshop

hosted by Audrey Poole

Here we are packing the truck and getting ready for our road trip. Marzia and Enzo road tripped with us to South Carolina and we made a couple of sight seeing stops along the way. It was a wonderful time in South Carolina and THANK YOU so much Audrey for such a fabulous time! As always, I love meeting so many people out there that love One Stroke painting!
These workshops and Crafty Wave events are an incredible opportunity to come out and paint new and fun things that you won't find in any of my books! I've created and painted projects just for these workshops that we won't be doing anywhere else! Check out the list of workshops on the right side of blog to find one near you and come on out and paint with me!

Marzia with some of the fabulous ladies painting the Crafty Wave Welcome Sign - Marzia was so cute and had to used her hands alot to explain what she wanted them to do.

Me & Joan - Joan's jacket was so pretty and I just LOVED it!

Painting the SUPER CUTE bunnies from the new Crafty Wave Kit you can find here! The kit comes with a cute spring basket purse but you can paint the design on just about anything!

Everyone with their finished spring bunny basket purse!! They all turned out so pretty!!

During the workshop - Audrey supervising me -hehehe

The manager was so AWESOME too!

Our awesome class at AC Moore - we had so much fun and took up so much of the store!!

Me with Audrey

One of the book signings I did at Tidewaters - it's always fun to see these older books with my all my many hair do's and weight changes - NOT! hehehe

Like I told so many of the people this past week - ONE STROKE has new and exciting things going on and if you are still JUST looking at those older books (which are great for reference and ideas) but you are missing out on some really EXCITING things we're doing!!

Purple Hat Society - such a sweet group of ladies!

Audrey's sweet Welcome!

Some new painters having a fabulous time!!

We painted the Crafty Wave basket and everyone did such an awesome job!!!

Marzia, Nancy and Enzo

Marzia and our friend Shelly!! Such awesome helpers during the AC Moore Workshop!!

Pat helped all 3 days and never got to sit and paint herself!! Thank You so much Pat we so appreciate and love you honey!!

Painting our WaterStrokes project

Marc & I loving a stop in Savannah - a little treat after a wonderful and busy weekend!

We had some awesome crab legs one day! They were HUGE!

Marc lovin the crab legs!

Isn't this just a picture perfect setting?! Me and Marzia on a beach on Tybee Island.

Well, I have to get off this computer and get ready for the Level 1 Certification attendees today! Then, it's packing for another workshop - this time I'll be in Kokomo, Indiana - looking forward to coming up there and painting with you all!! Gonna have to pack my HEAVY coat for all that cold weather too!

Have a Blessed day! Love, Donna


Anonymous said...

Looking at all these great pics makes me very excited for my workshop here in sunny Arizona.
Colleen Ellis

Theresa Gabriel said...

I can't wait to see you tonight in kokomo I'm really excited :)