Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Arizona Workshop ~hosted by Colleen Adams

Here are some photos from the workshops and Crafty Wave events I just taught in Arizona. We had so much fun!! Colleen and her hubby were awesome and such gracious hosts!!

Is this the cutest shop logo

Sue the owner is actually a OSCI that has beentoo busy to teach One Stroke , but I think I got her excited.... I want her to know she was the greatest and we all loved being part of her wonderful shop

Look at those Tuscan arches, I had some happy painters. Don't you love those paintings

Some intense teaching going on HUH!

Flower petal stroke work and they were loving.....

More strokes and a final bouquet of florals when its all together even these fun butterflies

Crafty Wave evening and lots of newbies , we had a blast doing
the Kitchen Veggies....

Colleen, was amazing and her students loved her help and boy did I thank her for all she did to bring me to her part of the country....

More pictures of the Crafty Wave class with those fun Veggies

Here is my class of Beginners and I few who have painted with OS before.... They look so happy, butI think I really tired them out!!.... It was fun....

The other room of painters, Have I lost my mine 2 rooms and I bounced between each group with a race to see who was ahead. Never told this room that the newbies were ahead the whole time LOL......
but they all did amazing work!!

Leaf Study.............. Have you taken one of My Studies Yet?....... If not, your missing out.....

Sheila helping me , She was amazing and had us all in line.... With a smile.. thanks honey....

Colleen was working hard to get her's ready to share with her students.

Crafty WAVE Rocks!!!! come join the fun!

Check out my workshop listing on the side of the my blog and make sure to sign up!! You can also find all of them listed on my website!

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