Saturday, March 20, 2010

HSN next Tuesday, March 23rd!

I'm having a fabulous time in Arizona and can't wait to share the pictures with you! I so love travelling and painting with you all!! Check out the workshop schedule on the right side of my blog to see if I'm coming to a town near you! If not, remember I have two Summer Education Summits coming up - June in California and July in Florida! Check out my website for dates and COME PAINT WITH ME and make lots of friends that love doing what you do!!
Many of you have asked though and I wanted to let you know that I WILL BE ON HSN
Tuesday, March 23rd 7a.m. - 8a.m. Eastern Time. There are a lot of Event Specials on the pricing so make sure to tune in for those!!

Love, Donna

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Mom A said...


I really had a awsome time in your class Friday and Friday Night.

Not only did I learn a lot and had a great time but it was wonderful getting to know you. You are a very sincere and a down to earth person.

You and your family will be part of my prayer chain from now on. I know everything will work out for the best.
And as far as you're marvelous so how can you not succeed in everything life has to offer. : )

I will do my very best to keep my 2010 resolution. You are truly inspiring.

Shirley Adams