Monday, April 26, 2010

A Day of Service
This past weekend our church held a Day Of Service and we had such a wonderful time having a day in the park where everyone was invited ~ we had food, facepainting and so much fun. We have been holding a clothing drive through our church as well to send to Haiti ~ we started after the devestating earthquake and are very close to having it all sent over.

Our Day of Service was organized under the direction of Elder Walter F. Gonz├ílez, who presides over church affairs in the southern United States. He challenged over 665 congregations from Florida to Indiana to join forces with other faiths and civic organizations to render significant community service in what is being called “The Helping Hands and Linking Arms Project.”

Elder Gonz├ílez said: “It’s powerful when like-minded people join together to meet a wide spectrum of needs in diverse communities. We can bring help and hope to others no matter what their circumstances.”

I was dressed for a day of fun in the trenches and lots of facepainting!

Two of my friends drove up from another part of Florida to come and Serve! We had so much fun.
There were quite a few ladies that volunteered to paint faces too!

I just loved seeing the children come to sit and get their faces painting - excited to get it done but even more excited when they saw themselves all painted up! Priceless!

Josette with the Missionaries that were great fun and helped and Served so much!

"If you want to lift yourself up....Lift up someone else" Booker T. Washington
Have a great day.
Love, Donna


Vicky said...

I LOVE the butterflies on the little girls faces! We had a good time at ours, too but no face painting. Thinking I can do this for our next Primary Activity and Noah's Ark!

asimina art said...


lisa said...

WOAH!!!! Are you using craft paints on those kids' faces?
That is wrong on so many levels.
Craft paints clearly state for use on wood, plastic, glass, etc.....NOT skin. They all even specify that if the product comes in contact with skin, it should be washed off.
Craft paints contain pigments and ingredients that are not approved for use on skin.
You should only use FDA compliant water-based cosmetics for face painting.
With all of the safe, FDA compliant face and body make-ups available these days, it really is a shame that someone of your renown would choose to use potentially harmful craft products on skin.

Ceilteach Cailleach said...

I'm shocked that someone with your reputation and following would risk the kind of liability involved in painting SKIN with acrylic paint. What a huge no-no!!!!

That's Face Painting 101, Donna....

Mollie the Painter said...

Wow...acrylic paint is a huge no no! You need to switch to a safe brand of paint!! Like Snazaroo!! You will be able to tell the difference in your painting too! You are putting that thick gooey paint all over their faces!

I hope you dot suggest using acrylics in your new face painting kit...ugh.....

Robin said...

Donna, I think it is wonderful that you volunteered your time and talents with your church, to do some face painting. I am sure you had only the best of intentions. However, I wish you would have done a little research into safe professional face paints... there are so many great brands available today, which are easy to use, give GREAT results (going on smoothly, blending nicely on the skin, safe to use even around the eye, and wash off easily with soap and water) and are FDA compliant for cosmetic use. The pigments and base ingredients in your acrylics may be labeled "non-toxic", but legally that only means that if used as directed (i.e. on paper, wood, glass, etc.) they are not harmful, and if a tiny amount is accidentally ingested, it will not kill the user. It does NOT mean that they will be comfortable on the skin, will not cause allergic reactions, itching, rashes etc, and will be easy to wash off. Many children have reacted badly to acrylic paints, some have even been scarred for life! And many, many more have gotten annoying itchy rashes which turned them off face painting for life! Please, Donna, do your research! You have inspired many of us in the Professional Face Painting industry, in fact check out the Arty Brush Cakes on, these are multi-color face painting cakes which were specifically designed to do one-stroke style face painting! You have inspired us, please let us inspire you to use safe face painting supplies to do work that's up to par with your regular fabulous painting style!
In addition to the Arty Brush Cakes, here are some other safe brands I'd recommend: Snazaroo, Wolfe FX, Diamond FX, Paradise by Mehron, Ben Nye, and Kryolan Aquacolor.
I hope this helps, Donna! Otherwise, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please...Donna, please stop condoning the use of acrylic CRAFT PAINT for use as facepaint. It is unsafe, unprofessional, and should you paint someone and they have a bad reaction could result in a lawsuit for your company. Your one stroke designs are wonderful on your usual medium, but please...if you are going to get into the facepainting ask those of us who are professionals at it to help you out! We are more than willing to put in our "two cents" and steer you to the proper products that are intended to be used on the skin, as well as offer some techniques to help you accomodate your skills to skin painting as well.

Carrie said...

I have developed my style of face painting after years of painting on wood, glass and fabric. However I will never use acrylic on anyones skin. It can cause rashes and more serious problems. Donna, please check out all the wonderful face paint products available to you and your crew.....