Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For a while now I've wanted to do a Face Painting Kit ~ it's something I've done many many times over my 30+ years of painting and well ~ I've listened to your emails, requests, and comments and started working really hard to get this created!!
Click on the picture above to find out more about the Kit.

I have lots of pictures that I need to edit and get loaded on the blog from my Georgia Workshops this past weekend plus I'm heading to NY soon to paint! 3 days with lots of people attending and lots of painting! Loooking forward to seeing you all!!
Have a great day! Love Donna


Vicky said...

LOVE IT, Donna!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna, can't wait to see more of this & all the designs you've done. You never cease to amaze us!!! Love you; you're superb!!!
Fondly, Nancy Cherruault

Anonymous said...

what kind of make up did you all use?

was it a liquid for double loading?


Christine said...

What kind of Liquid for double loading? Would be interested in hearing what brand paint you are using and what paint you prefer and will promote for your face painting?
I know Donna is a pro when it comes to One Stroke and painting with Acrylics and admire her work. I was certified back in 2000. I would like to know what workshops, products you will use and if you are going to offer any certification type programs for the face painting? I can be reached at if you would like to address my comments and questions! Thank you.

lisa said...

I just hope this product does not promote the use of acrylics or other craft paints for face painting.
The only products that should be used for face painting are water-based theatrical make up products that are actually designed for face and body painting.

NJ Face Painter said...

I'd also like to know what sort of face paint is being used in the kit. I have clients who often ask about DIY kits such as this, and I want to be able to inform them intelligently.

I'd like to think that you've done your research first and know that you should only be using FDA-compliant makeup for face painting, not your average craft paint supplies.

Anonymous said...

the worlds largest face and body painting convention was just held in fl. donna was not there, what type of education does donna have to be teaching face painting, which is very different from folk art!

lacey said...

Having a difficult time understanding how a craft painter (however renowned) can teach makeup artistry...after all, a professional face painter would NEVER use craft paint on skin (SHUDDER!!! Read the label, folks), and I've never heard of a crafter using makeup to paint a piece of canvas. The two mediums are ENTIRELY different if there is any legitimacy involved...

As far as "certifying" face painters, any certification a craft artist granted to a face painter wouldn't, frankly, be worth the paper it was painted on. :/

Shelley said...

What kind of make up are you promoting? Craft paints should NEVER be used on the skin. Professional face and body artists use professional products meant for use on the skin.
As well currently , only one organization does certification for Face painting.

artsywench said...

In the photos of face painting that I saw it looks as if you are using a liquid type of paint and NOT skin specific cosmetic grade products.
I should hope that someone who has as much of a following as Donna would have done her homework and be using the right products for the right venue. Acrylic paint - no matter how it is packaged - is NOT for use on the skin. If you are out there painting on children I would also hope that you have been advised to purchase a liability insurance policy to protect yourself and the children you paint. You never know when someone will jerk or twitch and get a finger in an eye or worse have a reaction to the substandard products you are using.
This is why we PROFESSIONAL face and body painters have conventions and classes! Simply buying a book from someone who's got a "name" in the craft business does NOT make you a face painter.

Kat B. said...

I too am curious as to which brand of professional face make-up/paint you're recommending or demonstrating in your kit.
There was an international convention where the four largest FDA compliant face make-up/paint companies in the world attended. I talked with all of their CEO's and I'm surprised that none of them mentioned your kit or this endeavor, as we all know and love your work and the 300+ attendees would have loved to know about this.
I apologize if the posts you've seen on your blog lately are a little more than inqusitive, but our industry is plagued by people who insist on using non-FDA compliant products and call themselves professionals.
Children & adults are having allegic reations and professional face painting artists are being sued due to uninformed or irresponsible individuals using craft & acrylic paint for face/body painting. The pigments and plasticizers in craft paint are not approved for skin use and in fact the companies that manufacture craft paints have repeatedly urged people (via phone, letter and warning labels) NOT to use their products for face/body painting.

Please respond to the inquires in your blog regarding the face painting products you're recommending in you DVD & booklet, as many of us are curious.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

NJ Face Painter said...

Even on the occasions when a lawsuit's not actually filed, face painters are losing a TON of business to parents' assumption that their children are allergic to *face paint* because they'd previously been painted by unscrupulous *craft paint* "face painters."

Dewberry Crafts said...

Hi all, just saw these comments , haven't been in town and didn't know they were here.

I am not using Acrylic paint on faces. I have not said I was certifying anyone. I am just giving some ideas to Moms, Grand Mom's and OSCI who have asked me how to do some of OS on faces.

I have the paints for sale on my site and will be getting a few more just for my followers who wish to face Paint. I do not plan to hurt your industry in any way.

Thanks for being so concerned. I have for years used Acrylic paints that were Non Toxic and Never thought there was a problem, but have since learned that safety with the face Painting is very important.

And anyone can start painting on faces and Bodies and have fun while doing so with out the formal knowlege many of you have and that what makes the world go round.... sorry you guys don't want me in your industry. I am having fun sharing what God Blessed me with. We should all be sharing..... thanks for you input....

NJ Face Painter said...

No one has said any such thing. Concern has simply been voiced over what you're using in your kits and advocating your many followers to use.

You've got a lot of pull in the craft industry, as you know, and a lot of people take your word as gold.

In light of the many photos on your blog showing kids painted with craft paint, as well as your public statemets that you use craft paint on kids' skin all the time (Youtube - with the internet, everything we do these days is permanent), the concern is not exactly misplaced.

There's a large, worldwide community of body artists out there keeping an eye on the profession. Because, you see, it IS a profession. Every one painter who goes out unskilled or using inappropriate supplies demeans the profession as a whole while the rest of us are trying to uplift it. It's a continuous struggle, and it's frustrating.

You're a public figure. Heck, I've never done one whit of "one-stroke" painting, but I know what it is and who you are. You could help a lot if you'd publicly and consistently retract your prior statements to the contrary and advocate the use of FDA-compliant cosmetic supplies.

Anonymous said...

Dear Donna,

No one said we don't want you in our industry! Of course you are welcome...there was just concern regarding what make up you were going to promote

Sorry you feel so beat up...time for a big group hug!!

God Bless;)

AmaDazzle Faces said...

I think the main concern of all who have commented is the responsibility we ALL have to put our customers' safety first. This is especially crucial for someone who is as prominent in the public eye as Donna is. While any of us may inadvertantly cause harm to another simply by being uninformed, ignorance is never an excuse.

Donna, I don't think anyone means chastising you for trying or promoting face painting. We are simply trying to raise awareness that there ARE safety issues at stake here, and public misunderstanding is VERY possible. We implore you to use your influence to educate the public about what kinds of products should and should NOT be applied to childrens' faces.

Thank you for considering these concerns. My hope is that you do not take these comments as criticism, which they are most certainly not intended to be!

Dewberry Crafts said...

I never said to anyone there was going to be any kind of acrylic paint in my
Face Painting kit

I don't know why anyone would jump to that conclusion. In fact some of the people face painting at the charity event on my blog were using Face Painting Paint.....

I am and will continue to tell One Stroke followers the same thing I have in my Literature,and DVD, to use FDA Safe Paint on Face or body painting thanks donna

Anonymous said...

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