Friday, May 7, 2010

To all my One Stroke friends , OSCI's, Blog & Facebook friends

I want to wish each of you Moms a Happy Mother’s Day and I pray that you have a blessed day.

I also wanted to share with you that this week sure has been an emotional week! It's this week each year that I use to dread and then started to accept. What I am trying to share is ~ this week 10 years ago my sweet oldest daughter Maria (a day from her 23rd Birthday) died with NO cause of death..... Her healthy heart just quit. Our loving Heavenly Father took her back home.

Today, 10 years later we celebrate the beautiful day of her birth and Mother's Day ~ a lot in one week of the year to deal with huh? But my faith in my Heavenly Father comforts me and holds me up especially during this time. I love to make sure I have lots of love ones around me and lots of flowers to look at in my garden! My children made me a "Maria's Garden" in my backyard. She so loved EVERYTHING our Heavenly Father created. The birds, flowers blooming, children laughing and singing. She was a friend to all she knew, and all those that knew her personally tell me they felt blessed she was their friend.

I was told once by one of her best Friends that when Maria walked in a room, it was like looking at a black and white color book and when she walks in the grass becomes green and flowers bloom and the sun shines...the world just comes alive. She told me that honestly the whole room gasps and smiles, "she's here".

Wouldn't you love for people to feel this way about each of us. Maybe because I'm an artist I can so see that color book come alive and grass turn green and the sun shine. I am grateful that God has a plan for each of us. That we come to earth to receive a body that we return to Him at his time and that we will see Him again. I am thankful for His plan. It's hard because I would have LOVED more time to give Maria HUGS and KISSES and watch her raise a family. She is here as our guardian angel and watches over each of my 14 grandbabies and I know she kisses them and sends them down to us ......So when I see a new little grandbaby , I always think they were just with my sweet Maria. Sorry ! I am overly mushy and a cry baby this time of year especially....I really should of made lots more work to get done today so I couldn't think so much.

On a sweet note, my dear friend Sandy reminded me of the blessings of Memories ~ the day she was born, watching her daddy hold her for the first time, her baptism and more. These are the things I'm thinking about all day, thank you Sandy.

And a special thanks to all you friends out there who have shared your loss also of loved ones. I truly am so blessed that I have so many new friends from One Stroke who pour out so much love to me......Facebook which in the beginning I thought I'd never ever have a FB page has helped me feel so much from around the world - espeically this week......Now my Blog where I can share with dear friends my family, my joy, my fun, and my Creative side.

Thanks to all who care for me and my Family




Holly Lamb said...

Donna, I am so sorry for your loss. She was a very beautiful young woman. I have two daughters, 27 & 20, and I can't imagine going through the pain of losing one of them. Many hugs to you and the rest of your family. ~Holly

A Pen In Neverland said...

Donna, Maria truly was wonderful to know! Her best friend was perfectly correct. When I read that description of her there were tears in my eyes, she is exactly like that. What a blessing!

Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

I'm so sorry for your I Mother I cannot begin to imagine the pain of loosing a child.
Heaven certainly gained a BEAUTIFUL angel.

Tracey said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too! I'm glad you have such strong faith to help you through. ♥ Tracey

Nathan & Annalee Peterson Family said...

I'm so happy someone found a picture of Maria for you to post! She sure is beautiful! I've been thinking of Maria all week. I miss that kid!
Happy Mother's Day to you! Guess what I'm in Florida just for a few days, up in Destin. I love you and your family.
Take care-

Faith said...

Dear Donna, your post was both beautiful and heart wrenching. What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful daughter..God has blessed you.

Faith said...


Wishing you a special day with your children and your grandchildren this mother's day..

Trena in Naperville said...

God Bless you Donna!! ...for the message you share and the encouragement you give. I have been a DD groupie for about 5 years - buying your videos, DVDs & books, watching you on TV and HSN. I have heard you speak of your lovely daughter Maria and her giving spirit. I think you have a beautiful spirit of sharing & giving. I wish you continued success and joy in your heart!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Jenny or sometimes Bozo said...

I was Maria's roommate, Annalee just passed me your blog. I still miss her and can only imagine the amount you miss her as her mother. She really was a great person. I don't think she could have gotten anymore perfect! I wish I was more like her! Thank you for raising such a great daughter and I feel so lucky that I got to live with her for a couple years. We had SO much fun together! Take care.

Kaylania Chapman said...

I attended high school (Lyman) with Maria. I remember her. She was a grade up from me. When I was a junior, she was a senior. Maria was so pretty and loved by everyone. Your family is in our prayers.