Sunday, June 13, 2010

West Coast Summit ~ June 7 - 11

I'm home from California and we had an incredible time at the West Coast Education Summit!

April Numamoto, one of my Certifying Elite Directors found a venue in Torrance, Calif. to have the event and ladies from all over the west coast came to paint!! THANK YOU APRIL for all you do and all you did for this event! I met some amazing ladies and the event was beyond all my expectations.

The first day we painted three projects and it really was the best value for the money spent! I think everyone that attended the first day (Crafty Wave day) realized that by the end of the day - 3 projects - everything provided - and the projects were amazing! I was so excited how much everyone LOVED them!

First, we painted these geraniums that is one of our new My Canvas Party projects. It was quick, simple and so artistic!

Here we are with our finished art!

There was an amazing Indian restaurant attached to the hotel and the food was out of this world good!

Then at lunch Kim Barone one of my very first Certifying Elite Directors and very good friend kept calling me on the phone - we were at lunch so I thought I'd give her a call after we were done eating. Then someone stood in the entry of the restaurant and said "why don't you answer your phone"? It was Kim! In California all the way from New York. She was sadly in town to attend a funeral for her Uncle that passed away and decided to pop in and surprise me and say hello. Me and April ~ Sandy and Kim. It was sweet of her to drop in with everything going on and I'm looking forward to having Kim at the East Coast Summit to paint these awesome projects were doing!!

Sandy flew out from Georgia to help me with the event and room with me too! We had lots of fun in the evenings with April and her husband going to some fabulous restaurants, visiting Hollywood, and Rodondo Pier just to name a few.

Our second project was WaterStrokes - we painted Orchids and used rock salt and spritzed water on them to get some great effects. I didn't get a picture of everyone with theirs but they were all amazing!

Our third project of the day was stunning! It's our first landscape for My Canvas Party and let me tell you it looks complicated but is super easy when broken down section by section.

Here we are with our finished landscapes - aren't they great! Have lots more photos to share so be on the lookfout for more posts today and throughout the week!

I was so overjoyed with how much everyone LOVED the projects and felt that they learned so much! This is One Stroke people but not One Stroke like you knew it even two years ago!! So many at the event told me oh, I wish so and so had come they would have loved these projects - I don't want you to miss out on them - so I've put out one last offer to sign up for the East Coast Summit in July - $75.00 off the event for all new sign ups! Call my office and sign up today and don't forget to sign up for the first day where all surfaces and pattern packets are provided - cost for that first day is separate but so worth every penny! Call Amanda to find out more at 352-394-7344! click HERE to see some projects!


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