Tuesday, July 13, 2010

about coming out to paint with us at the
Dewberry Education Summit?
Make the decision to attend today!
The Summit will be held at a
We'll be at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Orlando Convention Center!!
Call Amanda to sign up by tomorrow (352)394-7344 & if you reserve your room at the hotel by tomorrow you'll get a Dewberry Summit Rate! Amanda can give you all the information but time is running out to decide - so get off the fence and come out and paint!!

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Mary Warlick said...

Hey Donna - I soooo enjoyed pictures of the grans and your trip. Grans are the most precious thing, aren't they? I have 10 now. Just love them so much.

I watched one of your earlier videos last night and you continue to amaze me with the ease that you paint. I have just opened my shop and have most all of your paint guides and books, and am trying to get back into my painting - after 2years of bad health issues. You continue to inspire me!!

God bless you!!
Mary Warlick (one of your earliest OSCI's - in Charlotte, NC)