Friday, July 9, 2010

More pics from our trip~

Day we flew out - of course we started out in the Orlando Airport.... we were ready at 5am ready to go and thinking this Rocket would have been way faster!!

Riding behind my family through a field of white daisy...... love it.
My bottom sure was sore!

Hot springs in Yellowstone checking them out with Amanda's daughter ~ my sweet Lexi

Nature paths were endless and we had such a wonderful day just being out in nature and taking it all of our Heavenly Fathers creations.
Lots of Relaxing. I sure needed this!

So how is this for inspirational! This sunset was amazing! I so want to paint this.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love, Donna

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Vicky said...

Eeeeeeeeekkkk!! I want to paint that sunset, too!