Friday, July 9, 2010

Photos from our trip to Utah

Here are some photos from our trip to Utah. We had an amazing time and it was nice to get away from the day to day and visit with our oldest son and his amazing family. We were also blessed to be able to take two of our grandchildren with us - Lexi and Christain. They loved seeing their cousins and had such a great time.

Temple Square, Christain with Christ towering over him, he said "this makes me see that Christ is larger than life and always with me!"

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Organ
with Christain we listened to a 30 minute concert ~ absolutely amazing!

Reflecting pool under the Salt Lake Temple

Temple flowers, the whole garden was like this! WOW ~ there is some painting inspiration for you!

We were getting ready to go to the airport and stopped at Temple Square.... so loved it


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