Friday, August 13, 2010

Busy Busy Week!

Here I am with my son Justin working hard on some things that will be coming out soon!
can you see my grandsons painting to the left - he has been painting so much lately and loves it!

Here I am with my friend Sandy ~ she comes down once a month and we have fun and work hard!

I also had a Level 1 Certification being held - Althea taught it at one of local hotels and I went the first day to say hello to everyone!

This lady brought some incredible pictures of the painting she has done in India. She said she's only watched me on tv and taught herself from that when she comes to visit her children every 3 years.

She retired from the high court and now paints!

My friend Pam came in the night before to take the Level 1 Certification and we picked her up at the airport and went straight to Bonefish Grill.

Me and my sweetie -
The food was incredible and our service was like no other!

Sandy & Pam

Sandy & Pam eating some Creme Brulee - oh my goodness - it was soooo good!!

Hope you have a great week.



Pam said...

That food is out of this world!
Everything is delicious! I was nervous but our Cert 1 class was great! I enjoyed everyone including Althea, our teacher!

Alexis said...

Donna you look marvelous and so does Mark, glad you had a great time. As you know my certification was one of the happiest events of my life.
Miss you,
Alexis G.