Sunday, August 1, 2010

Healthy Chocolate Weight Loss Challenge with ME as your Coach!

I am so excited to share a 12 Week Challenge for a

I want to lose weight and feel healthier and do it in a great way, with friends using a product that is proven to be great.
We have 50 people who are in a weight loss challenge right now.... they have together lost
1,000 pounds in 6 weeks...................... WOW! That could be us! Drinking 2 Protein shakes as meal replacements each day and eating one regular Meal a day..... 1200 cal. more cal. per day for men

NEW PRODUCT : We are all placing our orders starting tomorrow, Because this is a NEW Product the FIRST product will be shipped August 15th and the 12 Week Challenge will start with the last week of August.

I would love for you to email me for more details:
for questions and for joining my list for the challenge ..... Can't wait for you all to join us. I have husband and wife combo's doing this together.... So just email me for more info. Marc doesn't know yet but he's going be my partner in this 12 week Challenge.....

Coaches will be my Daughter Amanda and I during our 12 week challenge.....

Are you ready for a Life Style Change? I am! love Donna

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JoyceIsCrafty said...

Looking forward to it Donna!