Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm so excited that my new book will be available next week! Make sure to check out my website for my NEW BOOK ~ it will be up and available for sale next week! I know some of you that attended the Summit said you WANTED it so make sure to check out the website!
I love the way it turned out! There are 12 easy but elegant projects that I LOVED painting and I hope you love painting them as well!

Had a fabulous weekend in North Carolina and will share photos with you all when I get home. Church and REST tomorrow and I'll hopefully get some posted on Monday! Have a great night.
P.S. If you attended an event/workshop etc. and you want to share those photos with me please send them to me at - tell me where and when they were and I'd love to post them on the blog!!


Donna F said...

Donna that is fabulous! Great to see that your still doing amazing stuff. Love you always Donna (who roomed next to you on Vancouver with Barb F on Canada). My the Lord continue to smile upon you and your family.

Vicky said...

Looking forward to seeing this one!! I'm in need of some more brushes so will beat 'one bird with one stone'!! Did you know it's hard to find your brushes anymore?!!

Dewberry Crafts said...

Thanks ladies! I so appreciate your sweet comments! Vicky - sorry - I know - I'm hearing this around the country! You can find them at our website at You can also email Plaid and let them know you want to SEE more of them available!