Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Painting Cruise 2010 ~ Cozumel, Mexico
We had such an awesome time on the cruise this past week! The seas were rough though and at times it was hard to paint as we'd put our brush down to do the stroke and the boat would rock and the brush would go someplace else! Comical at times!
We were all feeling sea sick with the waves (we were told 12 foot high waves) Thursday night and all day Friday. We painted fun sunset scenes on Everything Mary tote bags, placemats, coasters, and a water bottle coozie on RocLon, bird of paradise, parrots and a bright and bold palm tree in HD all on canvas.
It was awesome meeting all those that came out to cruise and paint with me on my birthday weekend. Marc and I really enjoyed spending time with you all! It was awesome too that my grandson Christain who shares a birthdate with me, my dad, stepmom, sister Kim and my brother in law Rick got to cruise with us as well.
So, I've tried all morning to get the words to match up with the photos and it's just not cooperating! Here are some pictures of us painting, dancing, singing, site seeing, dining, and of course having lots of fun!!! I will share more pictures with ya soon!

Peter - made me this amazing bowl out of 7 different types of wood! It was absolutely incredible!

Some of us went to dinner with our faces painted too!

Love, Donna

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Donna, sorry I wasn't able to be with you this year on you Birthday. Next year.....Plan it. Love the smiles and all the painting you guys did. Ok pattern packets right? I want them...Love you and your awesome....Zainey