Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dewberry U Training
I had a fabulous day yesterday with some incredible One Stroke painters, leaders and more importantly than that friends. We have some really exciting plans coming in 2011 with our Dewberry U Education Program and I've been busting at the seams to tell you all about it but I have to be patient as we build and layout our plans. I'm excited to share it all with you so make sure to visit my blog and website often!

One part of the program that I think is super exciting and I'm giving a SNEAK PREVIEW of in January is JUMPSTART YOUR One Stroke BUSINESS opportunity. Do you want to start the New Year teaching classes - whether starting again after years of being away from it or starting classes for the first time? Do you want to learn how to price your art and find places to display and sell your creations? Do you ever wonder what direction you should go with your passion for painting? Well, I'm covering these things plus so much more in January (January 13th & 14) at our Sneak Peek Preview of our Jumpstart Your One Stroke Business course. Here's the deal... we'll spend the first day going over all the things I mentioned above plus so much more and the second day I'm having a warehouse/garge sale ...I have quite a collection of One Stroke items, original art, and other things I've held on to over the years. You have to sign up for the two day event to be able to shop the second day! How do you sign up you ask ~
call the office and sign up with Amanda ~ 352-394-7344.

Will share pictures from our event later in the week.

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Quilt Knit said...

This sounds very exciting. So this is a franchise learning class? Or is it also for learning better art and control of your painting? Do you have approach this as a potential business for " Donna Dewberry, One Stroke Painting". ?
These, universities are very confusion to me.

Sherrie P. Roberts