Monday, January 10, 2011

For Time and all Eternity

Dewberry and Liljenquest family and friends all arrive at the Orlando Temple for the Ceremony for Anna and Weston's Special day

January 8th 2011

Here is the Bride Anna and her sweet husband Weston
they are so made for each other. Kind, giving, sweet, caring, loving to everyone they meet. Helpful to their family members and always wanting to do the Lords work.

These traits touch Marc and My hearts so much. How could we be so blessed to have Anna find such a wonderful soul mate someone who will love and cherish her, for as we believe, an Eternity with Our Heavenly Father. God has so blessed our beautiful family. We were so grateful to have all our Children and Grandchildren with us for this wonderful day. Maria our child who has returned to Heavenly Father was even there in spirit with our loved one's who have passed. We could feel them each sharing this wonderful day with us.

Anna and Weston GLOWED all day!!!!

I have to tell you that my Sister Kim her husband Rick and niece Jamie helped design and make the whole wedding decor, flowers and cake just so special... I had my best of friends with me working hard for days , Sandy and Lori, without much sleep and long drives they worked hard to decorate and babysit little ones, wash and clear tables for hours and much more. It was amazing to have Westons parents become our close Brothers and Sisters, like we have known them forever. Our Children, theirs and ours all helped work for days to make this day special for the couple.... Tall ladders, draping fabric, dipping pinecones in wax, lighting candles, lots of tree branches, peacock feathers and more. I can't wait for more pictures to share...

We ( all 4 of us parents) cried with joy for 3 days as we went through each step of their preparing and the joy of these days leading up to and the day of the marriage for Time and all Eternity.... I so wish this for each of my Children to have this Joy.

Marc and I tired but so pleased to have a memories of this day together with loving family. I just cried as I watched all my children line up to take pictures with their baby sister. I loved seeing what Marc and I were blessed with. Its not often that we are all together, our children, their children all 16 of them. 2 New babies and 3 marriages in little more than a year is pretty amazing. I don't know why I keep crying. I guess my baby wont be coming home to our home to sleep anymore. I am just a baby myself I guess. Marc and I keep going to see if her car is outside and if she's home yet. I guess we'll do that for a while...

God Bless your new life Sweet Anna and Weston
Love you both ~ mom and dad



Pam said...

Donna I'm so happy for you and I'm glad you all had a beautifully blessed day! Congratulations!!

Jim Williams said...

I really wished I could have bee in FL during this event. What a great day for you! We love and miss all of your family! Jimmy