Monday, February 21, 2011

Painting Workshops in Byron & Warner Robins, Georgia

Just home from a fabulous weekend in GA! I love going there! My friend Sandy helped set up this gallery in the Peach Shops of Byron and has her art displayed there so on Thursday evening we had a painting event there and had a blast! She organized another set of workshops for me (this will make the 3 set that she's organized for me). Thanks Sandy!

My friend Lori and I drove up Thursday and met up with Sandy and our other friend Charlie and then off to the gallery to set everything up! The art in there is so pretty and I love the way it's all displayed! If you drive down I-75 through GA - stop by and check it out!

I've been to Middle GA 4 or 5 maybe even six times now and they are always so much fun and so supportive! They sure do fill my cup ~ actually they make it runneth over with happiness & joy! Thanks to all that came out and painted with me! Here are some snapshots from our Thursday event.

Cyndee, Mary and Shirley




Pat A.
(what a big helper Pat was!) Thanks Pat!!




Cheryl, Stephanie and Wanda
Alabama girls!

Poor Sue had a terrible cold but wouldn't miss coming out to paint with us all!


Me & Gloria (Glo)

Sandy and I cheesing it up for the camera

Charlie - she drove in from North Carolina

Sandy and Charlie - they became instant friends at their very first Super Ed. Convention in 2006!

Sandy & Jenny
Jenny was having surgery the next day on her elbow and came out to paint to get her mind off the next day! Think it worked - look how happy she is!

Our Bama girls again





Me with Debi
Thank you for your sweet text Debi - you made Sandy and I cry like babies!!



Me & Sandi F.

The whole group with their beautiful finished paintings!!

Three Muskateers - Trouble - Trouble & Trouble ~ lol
Sandy, Me and Lori

Sandy & I with my finished painting

Lori had her face painted so we could show the amazing facepaints we have available!
I have more pictures to share with you from this incredible weekend soon!!

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