Monday, February 28, 2011

Saturday Workshop in Georgia
Here are the remaining pictures from our workshop on Saturday in Warner Robins.
Not many pictures taken this day - too busy painting and having fun I guess!
It's always awesome going to middle GA - they are all so eager to sign up and love coming out to paint with me!
I wish I had a picture of the see of paintings lined up at the framing seciton to get these landscapes painted. Several at the event said they liked the landscape when they signed up but after painting it they LOVED it! So much so....that almost everyone had theirs framed at Hobby Lobby after the workshop and they were pretty unframed but let me tell you after they framed them WOW - the artwork just POPPED and they looked incredible!


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jshelton said...

You should name the cute little pig "Wilbur the Pig" or "Oscar the Pig", just saying....