Thursday, March 10, 2011

Certification Level One at my home and boy did we have fun!

This was just before my VEGAS trip and these ladies and I learned alot about each other. I worked with each one of them to build their futures with Dewberry U......

Painting Shirts with our new tech. from Marzia in Italy and some of the ladies already when home and have a class with the tech.... Wait I was spending Cert. time painting shirts..... in my kitchen!!!! Don't tell any one.... I'm going to be in trouble...

Oh thats right, I am the boss! Well Sometimes! Marc asked me what the heck I was doing... the cert. wasn't done.....

New Friends and Fun! Shop owners with plans for the future... And fine artist puzzled with this One Stroke!!!!

Are you sure we can do this donn????

I promised and I was right! loved you guys

Okay Girls! Loved all my new friends. Beth in front bribbed me with Tomatoes! I have had salsa and tomato Sandwiches for weeks now... Used the last of my tomatoes today... almost! She brought enough to share with everyone! Thanks Beth!

And Beth is sharing the oils with me... Ya'll check them out... upper left corner of the Blog!!!

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Marguerite Buche said...

I would like to live in US and I would come to certification with great pleasure!!It seems so sympathic ! I hope I could one day be an OSCI ...but I live in France...So I'm training alone with a lot of books and all the YT vids !!
Best regards