Monday, May 23, 2011

Whats new at Dewberry U

WELL! are you coming to the New Beginnings Summit in July 12-15th there is only 8 spots left and I'm so excited about all the new that is coming with Dewberry U at this event.

I love having this blog so I can keep in touch and be quick about it. Some news I want to share is that we are sending out emails sharing with all who are attending the Summit that we can have a supply kit for you at the event if you would like us too.

So while they were doing this planning in the office with Marc my hubby, I decided we should let you all know that the new WOil program of paints and brushes are being launched at this event.
I have a pre order that we can fill if you would like to have it at the event when you arrive or shipped to you when they arrive if you can't attend. I am going to list the pricing below....
Remember worksheet sets , pattern packets will be available and I will be doing some DVD on the Water Oils. This is the part you will love the most. You clean up with Water and you can mix with Acrylic's that we already use and I love that with the medium I use you will have it dry in 3 to 5 days......

WOil Products from Dewberry U

4 of My Favorite Brushes: WOil brushes made for Water/Oil

$94.00 retail our Pre-orders will be : $44.95

12 color WOil set with Medium included

$119.99 retail our Pre-order price: $57.95

these pre orders need to be emailed to

I'm so excited to share all these new techniques and product to come.

I also want to share with you that I will be at a convention this week with face and body painting in Orlando.. So I have created lots of new product be watching....

Love Donna

SPECIAL NOTE: my Cleve's Ohio, and South Port NC pictures will be up soon but my computer has gotten 2 virus in one month and I have them trying to save everything.... sad.... how did we exist before computer, FB, and more.....

Special prayers for all those who have been hit with such awful sadness.

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sweetromance said...

Hello, I love your blog.

I was wondering if you ever plan to have one of your summits or certification classes in the Atlanta area?