Friday, July 22, 2011

Awards Night at
Summit 2011

JoAnn ~ you are awesome! I challenged you and you did it! WOW girl! Elite and soon to be Certifying Elite. Also soon to be Distributor of One Stroke product on the West Coast with April.

Vickie from Canada ~ so proud of you honey, you worked hard and waited a long for this to happen, sorry for the wait but you DID IT!! and I appreciate your patience!

DEB RICH! Yes, The Villages in Florida NOW has their very own Elite soon to be Certifying Elite just for the One Stroke Club.

Thanks to all three of you!

We had 20 PLUS sign up for their Elite Manuals at Dewberry U's New Beginnings!
How exciting is that?!!!

Do you have an Elite notebook that you haven't finished or turned in yet? What is holding you back? I'd love to hear from you as to why you haven't finished it yet or what is keeping you from finishing it.

Carol Craig: Most over all Students Taught
of all OSCI Carol you have amazing students who love you and you give so much of yourself.

Michelle was given the award for the most service given to her community by our OSCI

Mark Taylor Won the award for the Most sales overseas of any Distributor.

Sue and Barb: You both touch my soul. I love you both and thanks for all the service you gave in your community . You are Amazing women, don't ever forget that you are an example to all around you.

April won the Most Sales in the US and Most students Certified

Makes sense if you Certify the most or teach the most you will have the most sales guys!!!

1 st Sandy McTier

2 nd April Numumoto

Are my first Masters in Dewberry U

Sandy and April I love you both and you each Amaze me daily! I have been blessed by God to have such close friends as both of you and touched that you give so much of yourselves to the One Stroke world and NOW the first in the Dewberry U World girls.... You Rock and I love showing you guys off .

You are such an example of smart business women who love to share all you know to all around you!

Plaid is proud of You guys and So are Marc and I Love your excitement and energy!!!!

Love, Donna

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