Tuesday, July 26, 2011

wOil New Product Line on my Site!!!

I'm so excited to share this wonderful new product YOU WILL LOVE USING
I have all the product in stock, I promised you I would have it in our warehouse
ready for you guys to jump in and get yours

Great Brushes, wOil brushes are made special to work with the mixture of water and Oil paints
these are high quality I love them.
12 of the best hand picked colors for your first jump into these wonderful paints
Now what you need to know is that you use a lot less than you ever have used AND I love that I can mix these paints with our Folk Art Acrylics which we already have.
So if you want a free get start video , one hour of lessons of 2 lessons, ocean landscape and red tulip canvas, just finished to get you going the day your shipment arrives!!!
Just added the Wet Canvas Carrier!!! get yours.

I want lots of photos of what YOU do with the new Oils....

As Usual I have Painted with WOILS the One Stroke way.

I have 2 certifications in the second half of 2011

Two days before the Mountain Retreat! come join our first Certifcation with WOILS
Second certifcation is in Orlando November 2nd week
go to www.dewberrycrafts.com
Education section Dewberry U
Be first!!!! love you guys Donna

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