Monday, October 24, 2011

Tennessee Photos and a quick Certification

Happy is always a good sign!

Our group was small but we sure did have fun!

what is next Donna?

Holiday Cards and framed art... look at this great Poinsetta, I did traditional colors and then Lori did this great pink Poinsetta, I put plaid in the background and framed it... Loved it and the whole class of 44 were in love with their art...

call for price of single printed art
multi pricing for each print available....
ask Amanda at the office.

We are shipping the new Watercolors by next week....

WaterStrokes Activity ~ Lori and I made this large framed WaterStrokes Art!

Your framed art and new Holiday Christmas cards are being shipped this week on Auto Ship for Dewberry Crafts. Just a tease for you who are waiting for new.....The cards above are the existing holiday Waterstrokes cards.

If you haven't done WaterStrokes before I recommend you get CW WS 01 Basic WaterStrokes kit to get started! You can find that on my website by clicking on the cards above.


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