Saturday, November 26, 2011

Think about what you want to paint and decorate with this year

Hi my One Stroke Friends, I have to tell you how grateful I am this year for all the teachers, friends, family , my belief, the scriptures to read each day. All the blessings God has given me
the Blessing of knowing him has given me purpose throughout my life. Threw the joy of raising a family through the joy of a supportive husband. Through the good and bad of my children and grand babies. Knowing my daughter Maria who passed away at 23. The joy she gave our family in her short life here, and knowing she is with our Heavenly father. Having 17 amazing Grandbabies, that the 7 wonderful children have blessed me with.
And the joy of having a hobby I love so much to be so BIG in my life, the joy of many friends that have become so dear to me. The memories that many of you have shared with me. My joy of teaching myself how to paint through trial and error over many years and then being blessed to share by teaching thousands of dear friends out there who get that moment I get to see with my own eyes when you finally get it and touch my heart SO much. I am so full with the blessings of knowing that God also has given me all these blessings

The most important Joy in my heart this season is:
Heavenly Father: God, Christ, and my Belief
My Loving Husband
My wonderful Children
My Grandbabies
My Family
My Home
My Joy of Painting
My Friends
My OS Teachers
My One Stroke Painters
Luke my boxer
I can't write ever thing I feel right now. But I love listing some of the most important.


I have been busy painting for the Holidays, Cards I have fun WaterStrokes New Christmas cards. love for you to check them out. very quick and easy.
Painted Glasses with Diamond Dust and Extreme Glitter on my ornaments.
I am doing Placematts out of 9x12 canvas panels , 2x4 or 6 blocks with letters painted
Christmas, Christ, Family Names and more.
Check out the joy of wOils and More... Love you all

I hope this finds you well!! I have wonderful plans for 2012 lets make it a wonderful New Year even though this is a stinky economy we can all touch others and make others special during this season. Love you all Donna

PS please share on the Blog you blessings to share for others.
Love you all Donna

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