Thursday, December 22, 2011

From my Home to Your Home!
May God Bless you each with a Wonderful Christmas Holiday!!!

Knowing that this special day means so much to each of you touches my heart! Knowing that our Christ's Birth day is just a few days away, not only fills my heart but the spirit I feel during this time reminds me of all of you touching others lives with so much. You love for others shows in each story you have shared with me.... I am so grateful for each of you who love One Stroke! Each one of you who Share this special Talent YOU have with others so they too can enjoy the Talent that most of them didn't even know they had until you opened their minds to the JOY of Painting. And Yes you helped them say YES I CAN Paint!!! You each one of you have blessed MY life so much by paying it forward and over and over One Stroke has been shared across many country's and it comes back and Blesses me all over again. I can't express how blessed I am because of EACH and EVERY ONE of YOU!

I have fond memories of many of you who shared with me the loss of my Daughter Maria and the pain I felt through this time in my life. You were here for me, through Prayers ,kind words, letters, cards and more. I have shared the birth of many of my 17 grandbabies with many of you as my Friends. Even when I had health worries you were so good to me and my family mostly by all your prayers. You have been a support when some of you didn't even know it. I have life time friends because of One Stroke that will always be there in my heart.

Thanks for 2011 , all the laughter, and all the tears as I travel around the country getting to know each of you better. Hugs , Kisses, Photos and Memoirs. Sharing my love for God and his Son Christ and having you except me when I do so , means ALL
to me.

We , my family Wish and Pray for the best New Year Possible for each and every one of you!!!!
2012 I want to meet more of you face to face and hold your hand and teach you all I can in a few short hours during the days I get to share with you.... I pray this is possible for many more of you this year to come and see me if I'm close to your area. It means the world to me to get to see right in your eyes and feel your passion! I really mean this. I will be meeting hundreds of new painters in Taiwan and Korea during this coming summer! I'm so excited to see Dewberry U growing larger than we ever expected.

Be ready for the Largest YEAR ever.... More Goals and excitement to keep you going Painting and even Making some really MONEY for 2012! I know we both would be happy with that....

Launch of Dewberry U
New Glitter Body Art Program
New Beginnings Convention Florida and Tennessee Retreat
New Launch of wOil Certification Program (we have Oil paints now!)
(First time the industry has called our work Fine ART)
New Big Book of Decorative Painting (largest book ever 230 pages!)

ALSO: New worksheets, DVD's, Recipe Cards Crafty Wave kits.
EACH MONTH of 2011 I made sure you had this product!!!!

Think we were busy! And so were you my friends..... trying to keep up with me!!!
How did that work for you? Well I would love for as many as possible to share your thoughts on my new Donna Dewberry's One Stroke Group on FB so we all can see what 2011 meant to you!!!! we will all grow from your stories! Thank you again!

Blessings be with each of your Homes , with all my Love !!!! Donna

Donna And Marc Dewberry

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