Saturday, February 25, 2012

wOil 2012 Ready to teach, here we come guys!!

66 Certified and counting!!! Join our team! We need you, stores are waiting for you! Check out how much fun!!!

We had two men join us in one class, Tracy and George. Thanks guys, very talented men.

Vicki we have big plans next year!

Love you Elaine, taught at your store last week. Your learning more to teach this week! Smart Studio owner, Huh!!!!

Carolyn 2 Certs down and a couple more coming.... Orlando Convention is so exciting... Carolyn is signed up, are you yet?

Sandy this is from your son to you!! We can have fun painting MOM....

Judi , I know it isn't One Stroke. You know, its wOil my way!! :)

Everyone busy and ready for more!

Cookie we so miss you, taking care of love ones and now she is back strong.... Love your talent Cookie, thanks for bring cookies and sharing your painting talent talents with us....

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