Thursday, April 19, 2012

Whats new for you in 2012 with Dewberry U

I am so happy to share that we have an exciting year in 2012 still to come!  

 How do you join in on the fun and not be left out of my next roll outs in our program?

Sign up now with a deposit to attend this years
 1. Orlando One Stroke Convention !

Price goes up $25 soon on the convention and the Hotel room rates double .....
 What will you learn this year, here are a few items for you this year along with much more!!!

*Painted Glassware  New fun ideas
*New Arts and Craft fair displays and how too's
*Painting contest
*Donna(me)  will be teaching you all 4 days....LOL
*Paint amazing wOil paintings
*Learn some oversize canvas painting tech while do so in Acrylic
*Painting on Fabric for the holidays and making a non sew tote
*Cute new wood Painting ideas with wood patterns 
*Florals, Owl, Pet Painting, Vintage roses, and more surprises
*Holiday, Fall and Christmas
*Meet new and Old friends
* Evening Fun if you want to paint even more
* More face painting ideas  with new Glitter fun
* NEW LAUNCH OF   DEWBERRY U    Advancements to be shared and achived at convention 
included in your sign up    TEASE!!!!  :)
*  As I create more I will share more ! 

Sign up now at   Please come join us this year if you never have before so we can launch new from MFW and DEWBERRY CRAFTS,  Great ways to earn more income!   You can't afford not to come this year I promise..... 

2. Check out my workshops around the country!   teaching many new tech. new stroke studies and more this year!  Thrusday night is a great Hydrangea painting check it out on our site

3. Don't we left out on our wOil program , be one of our New Certifying Instructors.... come be certified and see how quickly you can be certifying others and earning an amazing amount of money as a new wOil instructor.... New wave for the One Strokers out there.  I even have some classes at my home along with many certifed instructors around the country now.... help us show MFW this year that OSCI's rock!

4.  Have you always wanted to paint a very large artist painting... my oversize canvas classes are very limited so I have personal time with each of the students.  You will leave after 2 days with a painting you nor your family will believe..... Promise... I have one of this coming up really soon!  

5.New Product , Skills, Worksheet packs, Recipe Cards , New Brushes and more... sound fun !   

Sign up now for 2012  Convention to learn the most all year!
Limited space and we want to fill the room again this year!  Dep. will save your spot and Amanda will work with you on a plan to be included!  :)

Much Love Donna


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