Monday, May 7, 2012

Leaders of Dewberry U planning meeting

Kim and Donna
Sharing our New Dewberry U 
education program launch for 2012

 Here is the group excited to share with all of you what we are teaching for the New Dewberry U launch at Orlando convention this year in Florida July New Beginnings..... go to and sign up
 It took the three of us and Justin my son to make this launch all happen!  thank you team for being there!!
                Canada was in full swing with the GIRLS attending!!!!   Barb and Carol  you guys rock!
                      Loved having the girls from the past now again in the future, April Kim and Julie

                                      April and Julie, years of sharing in the West missed Marjean!

                                              Marc Dewberry Sharing the plan for the future!
                                                 Can you tell all are studying ?   Breath!!!
                                Excited   Kim is telling us the Deal and how it will help our future!
                Marc with the new Directors of wOil Julie, and Dewberry U Director of educators Kim

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