Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Michigan with Michelle James and FRIENDS!!

Michelle James has her girls at the Gallery to me me!  What fun we all had, and 
Michelle and her hubby are sharing their art in this wonderful Studio !

 Creating; these Hydrangeas together was so much fun and some NEVER thought it would be possible

 Donna is a new friend who started painting with me  from Michelle Sharing with her at church, thanks for coming and sharing your talents with me Donna!!! love ya honey Hope to see you in Orlando in July!
 Michelle on the Left is the reason for this wonderful event she made it happen over and over she shares her talents with many and they love you Michelle and I'm so blessed to have you as my friend... You are so talented and I love you...
 One of the owners of the Gallery shared some fun with us..... thanks much for sharing your wonderful location with all of us!!!

 Stroke Studies are what were doing this year and boy are we learning... Thanks all!!!

WE have so many more shots but will have to add more tomorrow.... Got to go to bed guys~~~!  Love you all...


Faith said...

Hi Donna,
Will you ever be having a workshop in the Cleveland area? ( OH). Why can't I find your products at JoAnn Fabrics or Pat Catans? I tried to find Folk Art fabric paint..couldn't find it. So I bough another brand..

beauty to your day...=)

Anonymous said...

Hello Donna my name is Kristen-Lee ,I am wanting to get your beginners kit and I have been wanting to do it for a long Time now,I'm just a little worried because I'm visually impaired and I don't want to get the kit and not be able to do it