Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pittsburg with my painting friends/ Level 2 cert in Fl

 New sweet friends..... Life long relationships START with One Stroke Painting... Loved this photo of us
 Okay here are a couple of Body by Vi girls on there way to loss the weight Yeah!!!!  5 pound in One week
Linda YEAH!!!!
 Here are a couple of photos of Dee H and even with her 5 Strokes (heart)  she is the amazing artist and friend!!
 Dee's Students and great friends, are Sisters and I love you guys.... you made the class soooo great...

 Love you Danelle  You Rock my Friend and you are an amazing teacher..... Great 2013  

 I had a tired group and wanted to share some wOil painting while they rested.... They loved it...
 Mom, Sisters, and Daughter what a group.... I have to tell you I laughed so Hard and it was all Tammy's
fault Right Family  :)
                                                       Wow 2 newbies and I was impressed!

                                  LOOK at all the Smiles!   love you guys!  thanks for all the fun and friendships...

                                                                  Facepainting My way!!!!!!!

                                                           Look at that Hair we are alike :)  love you and sis!

                                FLORIDA LEVEL 2 CERTIFICATION WITH DONNA

                                              Busy at work and loving it!!!!!!
                                                 Friend from Chille  and    Palm Bay  big diff.

                                               Richard Little after   11 Years I'm glad your back!!!

                                     Love you girls I had so much fun with the 5 of us Right!!!

                                                    The Smile looks lots better Rich!  you all passed!!

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