Thursday, November 29, 2012

Level 1 at my house in November 2012 love this ladies!!!

 What a super star this wonderful lady is!!!!! be watching for her she is wonderful found her at HOOT and now she's certified and working on being a certifying Elite

 Fun with the ladies..... good group and they know it........
we had a few girls who were trouble can you tell it in their smiles..

my 2 auditors and Sherry is working at a Whirlwind and Vicki has just finished to be a Certifing Elite yeah Vicki

all certified and moving to the Next!!!!!!

can't wait for you to meet Shelly she is so talented and wants to share her work with us all Hope you all get to be taught by her at convention this year.... :)

grandaughter Lexi is modeling Glitter Art for the class

Vicki you did it , Canada is so luck to have you !!

love the smiles in these 2 photos... thanks girls for being my new best friends!!!! :) 

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