Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 and having fun around the country!!!

I so loved my group in Nashville, loved our center at the Scarret Bennet

The great campus had dorms for the ladies to sleep

New friends and Old friends and teachers joining up to teach together

 We had fun doing the pot full of fun, heart wreath, open roses, a vintage look and we love the birdhouse also

I see concentration and smiles love them all

Sherry's paintin place with her favorite students and all getting  certified in wOils

Promise I will teach you more than you can believe in each day..... here are the fRi. Saturday workshops this year.... love meeting all my new friends and my OSCI's who I haven't met and others we haven't seen each other in a lonnnnnng time!

Loved our special Baker who treated us in the mornings...

More at Sherry's  she is a rock star... she sold all 12 of these China cabnite and they were to be painted by Sherry when delivered and guess what...... she sold them all in the 3 days I was teaching.... crazy women you are Sherry...

making new flyers for Skill Builders   the Rose is out so get caught up we have Scrolls and Roses now avail.

Yeah ! this years Valentines at the Villages One Stroke Club  we had over 50 there this year...LOVE you ladies a

Deb and Eileen worked hard to organize the Villages thank you my friends..

Even had a husband that loved what we were doing so he joined in....

Thats for checking out the blog I have many more shots to share.... I'm going to put more up each week.... love Donna

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