Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 Convention - wOil Certification and Convention Awards

During this years' convention I offered a deal to get wOil Certified and we had a huge response - thank you to all of you who worked so hard to not only attend the convention but then stay at night to get certified.  I love that you embraced wOils and you all now have the key to the future!  Go out there and spread wOils around - no pun intended - go teach!!!

We changed up the first two paintings in the Cert to these.  Whaddya think?  Don't those waves and clouds look more realistic.  Love that I was able to get more greenery into the hibiscus without losing the beauty of the flower too.

Sharon - so glad you were with us and are bringing wOils into your studio.

Pat and Pam- loving their Watering Cans!

Marchelle staying warm in the high AC - your art is growing so much sweetie!

Looking great!

Miss Kim Barone - finally getting you wOil Certified???  You were always the first to be certified in everything I had.  Thanks for sticking with me my friend.

Eileen - such a sweet smile and your painting is beautiful!

Our Jersey Girl - Miss Colleen.  Loving the wOils!

More happy wOil painters - gorgeous work ladies!

Looking great gals!  Thanks Tambrey for being one of my auditors and helping everyone get their strokes right.  

On the last day of convention, we painted oversized!  Poppies on white canvas background.  

See how everyone is paying such good attention?  On the last day of convention, right???

Group shot - don't they look great?

My original - Project Packet is available on my website

Every year I give out awards for various categories.  These wonderful people received this years' awards.

April Numamoto - thanks for always being there!

Beth Chavez - you rocked the Project Packets this year Beth!
Colleen Ellis - you work so hard sweetie!  Thank you for all you do.

Miss Connie Williams - a good friend for all these years - Love you sweetie! 

All of my leaders - Certifying Elites and Elite Directors - takes a lot of work to get here but it's worth it!  Thanks for being such great friends.
Miss Lori Schmidt getting her award, along with all my convention helpers!  Couldn't have done it without all of your help - love all of you so much!

JoAnn Hoffmann -  such a sweetie!

Michelle James - my wOils and Manual Education Director and good friend.  Thanks for your creativity and helping me. 

 Not an award, but these are my veterans - they've been with me since the 90's.  Thanks for the years of friendship guys.  I so appreciate and love you.

OK - so next year's convention information has been posted on my facebook page and will be on the blog shortly.  Go check it out - we're having a One Stroke Reunion and it's gonna be unforgettable!

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