Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Updated Blog Pages and Links

I have updated all of my links and pages on this blog. Please go check them out. New information on convention and workshops available, links directly to my web site and more. Love, Donna

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 Greeting

I want to send a special message to each of you during this Thanksgiving Holiday Season! I feel so blessed to have you, my friends, out there who truly are part of my family! Thank you for many prayers and tears we have shared together. Many happy smiles and laughter we have had together and I pray for many more in the future.

Painting has blessed my life. I have traveled to many wonderful countries and made many friends around the world. You have taken care of me away from home with so much kindness! I want you all to know how much I love God and His son Jesus Christ! How I love that we live in a country that is One nation Under GOD, IN GOD WE TRUST, And God will protect this country from All who strive to tear it apart. I am so grateful for all those would are fighting for you and I to live in our FREE country, the USA. To think during this Thanksgiving that many men and women are away who serve us and their families who serve us by sharing their sons and daughters with our country! We do want them to know we feel blessed because of them! God Bless and Bring each of them Home Safe!

I have been blessed with the love of God, Christ his Son, my Eternal Husband Marc, all the way to the newest member of our family, baby Cash. How blessed Marc and I are to have 24 grandbabies and I do have some of my six living children who may still have more? You never know:). I pray we all show the true love of Christ, not just to those you see and know they need you but to those who are family and friends who may need you and you may not even know so! Please bless each of us Heavenly Father during this Holiday Season with Charity and love for all. With much love from The Dewberry Home! You are loved!


Monday, September 2, 2013

wOil Rose

After 2 years, I've finally found a way to do Roses in wOil my way - quick and easy with beautiful results.  I will be teaching this for the first time at the November 7-9 Tennessee Mountain Retreat and we just filmed this for new wOil DVD from Martin/F. Weber - soon to be released.  You're going to love how gorgeous this turns out and how quick and easily it happens.  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fall Mountain Retreat 2013

There is still time to reserve your space at this years' Mountain Retreat. Space is limited, though, so sign up soon.

Where: Falls Creek Falls State Park
When: November 7-9, 2013
Times: Thursday 9am-4pm, Friday 9am-4pm and Saturday 9am-1pm
Cost: $319.00
Payment: Final balance due by October 1, 2013 there will be a late payment fee after this date.
Accommodations: Falls Creek Falls State Park Pikeville, TN. Contact Hotel by phone at- 1-800-250-8611 to book your room.

Don’t miss out on this exciting event! For more information and to register, call the Dew U Art Center office at (352) 394-7344 or go to my website.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 Convention - wOil Certification and Convention Awards

During this years' convention I offered a deal to get wOil Certified and we had a huge response - thank you to all of you who worked so hard to not only attend the convention but then stay at night to get certified.  I love that you embraced wOils and you all now have the key to the future!  Go out there and spread wOils around - no pun intended - go teach!!!

We changed up the first two paintings in the Cert to these.  Whaddya think?  Don't those waves and clouds look more realistic.  Love that I was able to get more greenery into the hibiscus without losing the beauty of the flower too.

Sharon - so glad you were with us and are bringing wOils into your studio.

Pat and Pam- loving their Watering Cans!

Marchelle staying warm in the high AC - your art is growing so much sweetie!

Looking great!

Miss Kim Barone - finally getting you wOil Certified???  You were always the first to be certified in everything I had.  Thanks for sticking with me my friend.

Eileen - such a sweet smile and your painting is beautiful!

Our Jersey Girl - Miss Colleen.  Loving the wOils!

More happy wOil painters - gorgeous work ladies!

Looking great gals!  Thanks Tambrey for being one of my auditors and helping everyone get their strokes right.  

On the last day of convention, we painted oversized!  Poppies on white canvas background.  

See how everyone is paying such good attention?  On the last day of convention, right???

Group shot - don't they look great?

My original - Project Packet is available on my website

Every year I give out awards for various categories.  These wonderful people received this years' awards.

April Numamoto - thanks for always being there!

Beth Chavez - you rocked the Project Packets this year Beth!
Colleen Ellis - you work so hard sweetie!  Thank you for all you do.

Miss Connie Williams - a good friend for all these years - Love you sweetie! 

All of my leaders - Certifying Elites and Elite Directors - takes a lot of work to get here but it's worth it!  Thanks for being such great friends.
Miss Lori Schmidt getting her award, along with all my convention helpers!  Couldn't have done it without all of your help - love all of you so much!

JoAnn Hoffmann -  such a sweetie!

Michelle James - my wOils and Manual Education Director and good friend.  Thanks for your creativity and helping me. 

 Not an award, but these are my veterans - they've been with me since the 90's.  Thanks for the years of friendship guys.  I so appreciate and love you.

OK - so next year's convention information has been posted on my facebook page and will be on the blog shortly.  Go check it out - we're having a One Stroke Reunion and it's gonna be unforgettable!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2013 New Beginnings Convention - Pictures

We had a great turnout this year and each day was packed with lots to do, including a wOil Cert class on Wed, Thurs and Friday nights.  Everyone had a great time and I had lots of new, exciting projects to teach and products share - including new PenDeZigns by Donna, a visit from Jim Stanley, Chemist from Plaid Crafts who gave us new product not available on the market yet - Multi-Surface Application Paints; and SoSoft Fabric Paints from DecoArt used my way.  All the convention project packs are available on our new website at a great combined price - and it includes 5 bonus packs too!

Here are some pictures from each of the days.  I'm sorry if I don't have your names correctly identified, if you email me I will get them updated.

Elite Day:  We painted this gated garden scene at my Elite Day at Dewberry U Art Center in Clermont on Monday.  I encouraged the ladies to create their own scene and change up the black gate to white if they wanted.   They really went after making the painting their own!  Love what they came up with.

My original

Cookie Trent - Her Day in the Hampton's.  Gorgeous!

Michelle James - beautiful fountain!

Lori - dreamy and blue!  Amazing and unique.

April Numamoto - Always amazing!

Carol Craig - a gorgeous flower-lined alley - Mexico or Italy

Two versions of palms

The group of awesome ladies - thanks for a great start to the week!

We have a mix of pictures from various days below, the cert pictures are from Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.  We painted sometimes until 11:30pm.  Long days but worth it!

We painted an Angel Wing Project which included Mod Podge and pre-printed sheet music.  I dedicated mine to my daughter, Maria, who died 13 years ago.  We miss you Maria.

 Works in Progress - and smiles to go with it.  It's not work if you love what you are doing!

Deb Rich - thanks for all you do with our Dew U program.  She's been such a success story.

Next was Designer RocLon Floor Rugs - Needed lots of extra space to get these done.  We spread out and had fun!
Christa - having fun and always smiling!

Karen and Connie - on the floor again???

Dee Hyatt - so glad you came back this year honey!  Doing great!

One of our OS Alums - George!

Smiling, happy rug painters.  We encouraged choosing different backgrounds to match personal choices.  Some were blue, some green, some faux.  Terrific!

The Gang!!!

Stephanie - so happy you were with us again!

Tambrey with a smile!

More busy rug painters

I gave them homework to draw on their PenDeZign by Donna the night before and then we painted our fall shirt fronts with So Soft paints by DecoArt.
Rockin' my shirt for inspiration!

Cookie - love your color choices sweetie!

Carol - looks great!

Eileen from the Villages - love how you shaded your pumpkins, very sweet!

Gorgeous flower colors!

So pretty!

George & Vicki - glad you are always with us!

Nadine - thanks for always coming back!

Pam - glad you finally made it!

Pat Singletary - loving the SoSoft paints and PenDeZign by Donna!

More shirt designs - Project Packets available!

Where would we be without our staff and helpers - Amanda was sick and couldn't attend much, so we got some amazing help from our friends and staff.  Thanks to you all for filling in.  We missed Amanda very much though.  Not the same without her!

Beth Chavez - totally rocked the new Project Packets and helped run our store at the convention - thanks my friend for all your hard work!

Lori & Michelle - the dynamic duo - kept the paint flowing and the supplies moving.  Thank you both for keeping me on track!

I really didn't make them work on the floor...  sorting paint for a project.

Two beautiful friends!

OMGosh - look how skinny Michelle is now!  Way to go girl!

We got a visit from family too - Anna, Chrissy and Waylon came to see us.  Anna is pregnant with another grandbaby for us, too!

My sweet Waylon and his Mima.  He ran to me for the first time that day!  
He's 18 months old.

Look who's back!!!  Jim Stanley came from Plaid to talk to us about their newest line of paints and answer all of our questions!  Plaid is soon to release a line of Multi-Surface Application Paint, and Jim gave us each six bottles to take home and try.  See if you don't come to convention, you miss out on the latest stuff - even before it's ready for retail.  Thank you Jim and thank you Plaid!

Old Friends - thanks for being there for me all these years Jim.

More pictures to come, check back soon.