Saturday, May 30, 2009

Birthday Cruise with Donna

Okay guys we're having a Birthday Cruise in November......It's my birthday and I want all that can come to come share the cruise with me. I promise we will have so much fun. I have been asked for so long to do this so the dates that were best this year just happened to be my birthday week. SO there is only over the weekend to sign up ....I went to my travel agent and she's opened it up for a couple more days. Don't miss out all you need is $75. deposit to get it reserved before the rates go up.

(Healthy Chocolate Cruise - March 2009 ~ Marc and I are wet from the rain on the island but we were just enjoying each other. )

To find out all about it and to travel with me Click on the Cruise Ship and check out my website.

Don't miss out ...... check out my OSCI Barbara F. from BC Canada she is also a Elite Director for One Stroke and she also earned the Healthy Chocolate cruise BEFORE ME!

(click on the Healthy Chocolate learn more)

You can eat chocolate, get healthy, and maybe lose some weight ~ I lost 60 lbs and have kept it off and earned some extra money.....