Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome to all my Friends and One Strokers!

I am so excited to start my first Blog , my husband is still asking, WHAT is a Blog Donna? I had some teachers today ask what a Blog was, thanks to my dear friend Sandy ~ I now know about Blogs and after a year of her encouraging me to have a Blog, it is finally happened. She even surprised me and started it........ She is such a sweetie AND she's my friend.

My son Justin, is playing around with the look of my blog and Sandy and I are telling him to stop changing our stuff and then we all laugh.... He just looked at it tonight after he had been working on it earlier and saw some new items that we had added and he said , OH! NO! and we all laughed.

What I love most is I can post to all of you and say what I want to say when I want to say it and hopefully you'll check it out and even write back (you can email me at And not wait until the I.T. guy (JUSTIN my son) gets a chance to send my messages out. He is so busy with the rest of our business , I think he'll be happy to have me take care of my sending out messages with out bothering him. At least I think this will be fun and I'll teach a lot of my friends and OSCI's WHAT a blog is!!!!!!

I do like to share that I don't spell well and I am working on it. I do not type like everyone in my family would like me to. I have lots of add on's and I type like I speak!!!!!!!!! So I think you will be able to tell I really wrote it myself..... good or bad.

I have been blessed to have a beautiful family. I feel like my biggest success so far is being a MOM and having 7 children and 12 soon to be 13 grandbaby's . I love being a MiMa and Marc my husband has so much joy being a PaPa. We are such great grandparents! lots better than we were parents I think. I loved being my childrens friend and it made it hard sometimes. But they have turned into wonderful adults that I'm very proud of.

I will soon share some pictures of them with ya'll and my goal is to post as many pictures as I can get of you guys with me as I travel around the country! So send me pictures of us together if you have some I don't.

I love having you guys as friends all over the world and sharing our talents God has blessed us each with.

My Children are such a great joy, and blessing to me each of my 7 children have grown up to love their Heavenly Father and know his love and that is such a blessing
The love of my life my husband , friend and partner in business is my Marc ! God blessed me with him in my life and he shows me each day how much I mean to him. I pray he will always feel the love I have for him. also!

And next I want you each to know that I know my Heavenly Father loves me , that Jesus is the Christ and I do have the blessing of knowing that I will see my loved ones who have passed away again. Our daughter Maria Donne Dewberry our greatest loss, died in 2000. A beautiful loving person who died with no cause of death , her heart just stopped. What a joy to KNOW I will see her again because of the love God has for us.

So guys if I have success in this life it will be because I have Faith, Hope , and Charity and work to be an example to my faimly and friends. Just trying to be as Christ would want me to be. And most of all trying to Serve others.......... Thanks for spending your time listening to what I believe in and care about. I'm thankful for all the thousands of Friends out there who I know now because God blessed me with a talent I can share with many even in other languages that we all have shared and it blesses us all right back ! RIGHT! ....Thank you YOUR friend