Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I've Been Painting!

I've actually got a lot of exciting projects going on right now but wanted to share a couple with you that I've done recently. I painted this seascape painting on my WHDO tv show and gave it to my friend Lori to give to a family in Sarasota. They just lost all of their personal belongings when their newly renovated house caught fire and people were donating items to help them out.

This past weekend my friend Lori came to paint with me. She wanted to paint this painting that now hangs in my friend Sandy's home.

Here are some step by step photos of our painting. I was so busy with about 100 projects all going on at the same time so I didn't let Lori take any photos of me while she was here but I will get some photos uploaded soon of some more paintings and the award I got for my Christmas DVD special. If you haven't checked out the shows yet you can see them by clicking on the button on the right hand side of my blog - create with Donna Dewberry.

We started with the background

Then painted the archway
and then added the flowers.

Hope you have a wonderfully creative week!