Thursday, June 18, 2009

Painting Workshop in
Jamestown, Tennessee

So I mentioned in my earlier post that I had just finished a painting workshop that Mara hosted for me in Tennessee and I got the pictures to share with you all. Mara worked so hard to organize this event and I truly appreciate all that she did!

We had so much fun painting, laughing and sharing stories.

Me telling one of my many many stories ~ while painting of course!

I painted this picture during class and gave it to Mara as a THANK YOU gift for all that she did to arrange the event.

Mara gave me this gorgeous painting ~ isn't it stunning? It's a mix between One Stroke and another technique with Oils. It is breathtakingly beautiful and everytime I look at it I will think of Mara and the wonderful time I had in Jamestown, Tennessee. THANK YOU MARA!

I have been having so much fun travelling around doing these painting workshops! It really does give the opportunity to get to interact with a smaller group the PASSION I have for One Stroke painting. Thank you Mara for hosting it and to all the people that came out to paint with me.
I'm on vacation now in Utah with my son and his wonderful family. Will share some pictures hopefully soon. Hope you have a CREATIVE day!