Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

Hi guys! What a blessing it is to be in this USA and have the blessings we are all blessed with, I feel blessed and sadden today with what the 4th means in all Americans lives. God has blessed us all with much and many others have lost loved ones so we can have these privileges today. I pray we are all thinking about those who are fighting for us and giving their lives for us this day and every day. Its has made me feel very humble today. I wanted to share with you what I was blessed with today. I had my grandsons over.

They played in the POOL and Luke watched (the dog) . He ran so much he was at the back door waiting to just go inside!!!

I painted, while Marc played in the pool with the boys.

Then we ended the day at the park for FireWorks ~ it was such a peaceful day! I hope you enjoyed your day as well. Love,