Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Thank you so much for all the kind emails BEGGING for more photos! We had so much fun and didn't get the camera out as much as we should have ~ so if you attended and have pictures will you please email them to me here: shaksm@aol.com that way we can get them loaded on the blog for everyone to see!Thank you.

Two weeks before the Retreat I had a Level II Certfication and then the week before a Level I Certification. I'll have to search my computer to see if we have a picture of the first Cert. but here is one from the Level I Cert. that we just had.
Anna took this picture of Jane, Sandy and I just before church on the Sunday before the Retreat.

The first day of the Retreat was also my Kara's birthday! Her 30th actually and our friend Lori made this gorgeous cake. We all sang happy birthday to her (embarassed her I'm sure) but we wanted to start her day off special. I just love this picture of Kara that I found for Lori to put on the cake! Lori and Kara

and the cake!

Here are some photos of some of the projects we painted. We painted floor cloths on RocLon (that company is amazing ~ they donated the rugs and some other placemat sized RocLon for each attendee) They even flew out to be there with us!

Jaimie taking photos of me painting our HD project~

We also painted this rooster ~ isn't he awesome! Lori painted the background on this one and I just loved it so much that I let the original (above) go and am going to put this one below I painted at the Retreat in my kitchen.

We painted this blue and white urn with lid filled with an airy arrangement of spider mums ~ I heard from so many of you that this was one of your favorite projects but then again almost everyday that is what I heard. Sandy told me that she thought these were some of the best projects we've done in 4 years at an event (don't know about that) but everyone that attended seemed to agree! That's was humbling and very exciting to hear!!

A pic of the group - again it was hard to get the entire group in the shot in one take because of the shape of the room! Sorry if you got cut off the sides there!!!
Another one of our projects ~ we ended up adding a nest to this picture it he turned out so sweet!

Me and Vicki from Canada

I still have so much more to share with you!! Have a wonderful Tuesday and I promise to be back tomorrow with more photos and keep watching this space ~ we're going to have a WAVE of exciting information to SHARE with you all!!!