Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dewberry Crafts Retreat ~ 2009(Unforunately, not everyone is pictured as they had to leave early this picture was taken the last day of our Retreat 7/24)

I'm recovering from the fabulous 4 days I just had with some amazing people at our Painting Retreat! We held the Dewberry Crafts Retreat in Clermont this past week Tues-Fri and we painted LOTS and created with clay and had a wonderful time together! It was amazing to hear the feedback about the Retreat and the projects we did!

I heard from some that were ready to quit their regular jobs back home because they were stressed out and their jobs were bringing them down. They were geared up and ready to start preparing for some of the NEW and exciting PROGRAMS/Business Opportunities I shared with them all this past week! You'll see more on my website and here on my blog about that soon ~ I promise! I also heard from so many of you that thought you'd never enjoy or even think about doing the Studio Clay but loved what you learned and you're READY now to create with it, add it to your paintings and see the endless possiblities this medium can add to your creations!

I just want to THANK all of those that were able to attend and for those that weren't able to join us this year but really want to in the future - I want you to know that I'm hoping you all can come join us next time! Unfortunately there were several emergencies for some of the attendees and I ask that you keep those individuals in your prayers ~ without going into details (because God is aware of their situations) I just ask that you pray for them and their families during this difficult time.

I will share more with you (LOTS OF PICTURES) throughout the week but am going to take this evening to spend with my husband ~ we weren't in bed before midnight each night for 10 days straight getting last minute details ready for the Retreat and then adding more to the schedule during the week ~ which always means more work but it's so WORTH it! I love each and every one of you out there sharing ONE STROKE with others! We missed so many of you that have attended in the past and I know wanted to attend this year. We were limited on space because of the facility which turned out to be a great meeting place! We painted some amazing projects that I'm sure will be cropping up in classes across the globe as we had OSCI's from all over the world there painting!

Tomorrow is Sunday so I will be spending that time at church and with my family at home regrouping and recouperating from the fabulous week we just had. I count my blessings daily and after this week I have to tell you that I lost count because the blessings were overflowing!!! I enjoyed getting to chat with you all and look forward to our next event!!

I wanted to let you know that if you want my new Clay/painting book please email Amanda at and let her know - Paypal isn't playing nice right now and we've had to jump through hoops with them to get things straightened out. Orders are being shipped as product has come in and I hope you'll let me know what you think - email me at

Check back often for Retreat pictures, some exciting news and I'll be having my first blog giveaway soon!!! Love,