Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sale on my web site 40% off

largest sale we have ever had on my Worksheet Packets ! Its a 4th of July Special and I want all of you to have a chance to get some of those NEW worksheets I have been putting out. This is your chance..... don't miss it.

You can go to and see all the Dewberry Crafts Worksheet Guides. Collect the Holiday ones now so you can start your Christmas in July! And email me some ideas about what new guides you would like to see.

I want to ask you guys also to come on my Birthday Cruise with me and Paint, Paint , Eat, Eat , and just have fun.......We were surprised that Carnival Cruise line just extented my booking dates for a couple more weeks. You can check it out also on my site. I would love to meet you guys on the Cruise!!!!!