Thursday, August 20, 2009

An update FINALLY ~ I know!
So sorry for the absence!! I've been so busy and have had little time to let you see and know what I've been up to - although each day I've wanted to - just not enough hours in the day!

I'm in Maryland tonight and tomorrow and then in New Jersey for painting Workshops and having a fabulous time! Tonight I have a Crafty Wave event with Katie in Baltimore and can't wait to share those photos with you! Until then though I wanted to share some photos with you from an event that I did a couple of weeks ago ~

It's an annual event called Base Camp in Maitland, Florida ~ high school students help these children create ART and it's just such a wonderful event and such a treat for me to be able to share ART wtih these kids!! I know my Maria would be so proud of me as this is something that was near and dear to her heart! At the end of the camp the children auction off their art to big time businesses and it really just filled my heart to be there creating and sharing the talents God gave me with them all!

Miss Bonus (the kids favorite person) and I was honored she allowed me to be a part of this camp!!

Thanks Miss B for a day I'll never forget!

Sharing ART with others whether it's something you've created, something you've given as a gift or teaching others what you've learned will fill your heart more than you could ever imagine!! I've been blessed that over 6,000 people world wide have learned the One Stroke method painting and are sharing it with others!! From the bottom of my heart Thank You all!

I'll be back this weekend with more pictures to share with you! Not sure that I'll have workshop photos to share until after I get home but I have so many other events to share since I haven't updated my blog in well over a week. Love,