Monday, September 14, 2009

Kick OF The New Year!!!!!!! January 2010

WHAT? New Year! What are you doing Donna, we have all the Holidays to come first!!! Yes! But I have to plan WAY ahead to make sure I get ready for you guys. And I wanted to make sure my new Bloggers are the first to know about and get to sign up for January's Event. WE have 88 spots and 80 are left********* Last time I put up an event for the Retreat! We filled up in 7 days and had to remove from my site.....Well, everyone who missed said they never saw the post and they were left out..... I want you to be there and start your New Year off with a Smart move for YOUR future, and its a great Christmas Present!!!!

So here is your notice , the email blast started tonight, and if you call in the morning into the office 352 394 7344 or email tonight to you will be IN! (you need to get your payment for deposit to hold your spot) Its a crazy good Event to start your New Year. And you asked for more ,so its 5 days with a low price and New Technique , New great business ideas, and New ways to get students, earn income, and so much more....I will teach the whole event and the hotel isn't fancy BUT its a great price and great room for Painting with your friends. Come to Florida and have a great Warm Week .......Sound Good!

More details on my site.......... ONLY 80 spots left and we just started, ONLY room for 88 total attendees: January 11th-15th Hurry! I want you there!