Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hi Everyone,

I wanted to remind you of a couple of deadlines coming up for some events that are being held next year! I know January and April 2010 seems so far away but in order for us to plan the amazing events we need to know how many people will be joining us! Unfortunately, there are no exceptions on the deadlines - the cruise line HAS to know and so does our office in order to pre-plan these fabulous events!!

January Event ~ Kick Off the New Year Painting Event

Click on the picture with the clock on the right hand side for more information about the event!
The DEADLINE to get your DEPOSIT in is OCTOBER 30th!
Email Amanda at amanda@dewberrycrafts.com or call the office at 352-394-7344 to sign up and get your deposit in!

April Painting Cruise ~ only a $25 Deposit by Oct. 30th!

Click on the cruise ship in the right hand column on my blog for more information. This painting cruise is being sponsored by the TV show that I've been doing all my Create with Donna shows! The DEADLINE to get your DEPOSIT in is October 30th! Again ~ the deposit is only $25.00!

Call 1-800-238-7944 to sign up and get your deposit in!

Speaking of WHDO - they are currently working on their website and hooking into different networking towers - until they are up and running the link to their site will not work. When it is up and running though you can see my shows on their new web address here: www.whdotv38.com

Get on the phone now!! I don't want you to miss out on these two AWESOME events!