Friday, December 4, 2009

Sorry I've been MIA for over a week now on the blog posts!!
I have been one busy lady and have so much to share with you.

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you and yours did as well. I've almost gotten all of the holiday decorating up and I'm hoping to get some pictures of my trees and holiday decor posted soon!

NOW ~ I'm gonna tease all of you with sneak peeks of some of the projects we are painting at the January Education Summit! I know I had to cloud them up just a bit ~ remember it's just a sneak peek!! To see them in FULL 18x24 COLOR you have to come to the Summit!

We've had a lot of sign ups this week and we've worked really hard on planning an incredible event for all that attend. Some of you on Facebook have even asked me to ask Santa to give you this event as a gift this year and he must have heard because some of you also let me know that Santa came through and you're coming to the event!!!
SIGN UP AND SAVE $99.00!! You can email amanda at or call (352)394-7344 to sign up!

We'll also be painting on glass and fabric at the event and launching some really exciting new kits for Crafty Wave that will blow you away!!

I also have two BRAND NEW Painting Worksheet Packs and they are available right now at Dewberry Crafts! There are coordinating Paint Collections that can be ordered for each worksheet pack as well so make sure to check those out.

Make sure to check out Dewberry Crafts and Crafty Wave for postings and specials this holiday season!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, Donna